When it comes to the sustainable design of Speirs Locks Student Campus we’ve set ourselves the benchmark of being awarded a ‘Very Good’ rating by BREEAM (Building Research Environmental Assessment Method) – the world’s leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. 

Low carbon approach
We will seek to reduce energy consumption by passive and adaptive means, switching off when not needed and ensuring that energy-using equipment is both appropriate for purpose and efficient in operation. Hand-in-hand with this, we will comply with the new, more stringent regulations on insulation and heat retention, exploring opportunities for renewable generation and putting heat gains to good use.

BREEAM requirements
The recent introduction of BREEAM New Construction 2011 (BREEAM NC) means there’s more emphasis than ever on ensuring that accurate, reliable evidence exists to support an assessment. Key areas being addressed as part of our BREEAM review include:

  • Passive energy savings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable technologies
  • Water control
  • Waste control
  • Grey water
  • Solar panels
  • Utility purchase

Current design status
Reflecting our ambition to create an ecologically sound development, the heating and hot water will be provided by means of a centralised plant room with high efficiency gas-fired boilers fitted to a building management system that sends consumption data to the management office, alerting the team should any readings exceed their predetermined flows. In addition, each main meter will be backed-up by a sub meter ensuring that any excess flow can be traced to a specific room and isolated or corrected if necessary.

Low energy and LED light fittings will be adopted throughout the development, with timers and passive motion sensors in common areas to minimise waste. External lighting will be similarly well controlled with daylight sensors and motion sensors, all carefully located to minimise any risk of light pollution at night.

Completing the picture, a reward scheme run by the facilities management team will help encourage students to be aware of, and take more responsibility for, energy consumption and avoidance of waste.


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