Phased delivery

The Speirs Locks area has changed markedly in recent years, benefiting from over £22m of infrastructure works, building refurbishments and environmental improvements to date, with further projects planned – including those by the Royal Scottish Conservatoire and the Scottish Youth Orchestra.  

Continuing this sustained approach to development, Speirs Locks Student Campus will be brought to life in two distinct phases, both of which have been considered together in the design of the overall campus plan.

The first phase runs parallel to the Forth and Clyde Canal and towpath, and consists of the highly iconic 12-storey tower element and strong linear form of the lower building. Phases 2A and 2B will add further levels and layers, combining to define the courtyard space and enrich the Speirs Wharf skyline further.

Phase 1 provides for approximately 240 student rooms with common living, dining and kitchen space, with 10,000 sq ft for amenities and activities. Also included are management offices for the entire campus, a café/bar with direct access to towpath level, and studio spaces and workshops that will lend themselves well to the many art, theatre and music events already taking place in the area.

Phases 2A and 2B will deliver a similar provision of student rooms, common living spaces and ground floor activities as Phase 1.