Created by 7N Architects on behalf of Glasgow Canal Regeneration, a partnership between ISIS Waterside Regeneration and Glasgow City Council, the Speirs Locks masterplan has community at its heart, developed following consultation with local residents, businesses and stakeholders alike.


The aim of the masterplan was twofold: to encourage inward investment by opening up new links to the canal, and to establish clear architectural approaches for any such investment and development. What resulted was an award-winning vision of a vibrant mixed-use quarter that incorporates residential, educational, business and cultural activity.

While subsequent initiatives and projects have changed the detail and layout in places, the original masterplan remains a critically important reference for street pattern, scale and structure.

One of the more significant changes has been the retention of the existing Glue Factory building, now a celebrated venue for the visual arts, requiring us to refresh and re-interpret the masterplan’s proposed building lines, storey heights and street alignment in relation to our campus plan.

Central to the masterplan’s recommended architectural approach is the ‘towers and terraces’ theme which harks back to a historical townscape once characterised by chimneys, masts, mills and tenements. The masterplan offers a modern take on this urban complexity, encouraging visual layers, avoiding monolith development and safeguarding views both towards and from Speirs Locks.