Helping ensure that Speirs Locks Student Campus provides an enjoyable experience for students and a welcome contribution to the surrounding community, Charter Properties will retain and manage the completed development.

Facility management will be contracted out to a proven student accommodation operator, with a formal service level agreement setting out our expectations in terms of both management and maintenance.

To read more about our approach to campus management, click on the headings below:

 UK Code of Practice

The completed development will be managed to the standards of the Universities UK Code of Practice for University Managed Student Accommodation – a Code that sets out the main principles of good management including health and safety, maintenance and repairs, and the relationships between managers and their student tenants.

The Code also informs students about the standards and procedures that apply to their accommodation, along with their obligations as tenants.

 Day-to-day management

House rules for the completed development will be displayed in the foyer, and will be monitored by a dedicated facility management team. With responsibility for the quality of accommodation, repair and maintenance, along with pre-determined targets for completion of repairs, this team will make a daily inspection of the premises, checking for litter, damage or any other form of anti-social behaviour.

CCTV will be in operation in all public areas inside and immediately outside the premises, enabling the facility management team to review recordings wherever necessary. The caretaker team meanwhile, will ensure litter is placed in the appropriate refuse bins – including recycling collections – located in the rear courtyard.

 Secure by design

Adopting the best practice set out in the Secure by Design strategy, access to the completed development will be gained by use of a swipe card with inbuilt recording facility, and doors will be fitted with an internal buzzer that sounds if held open for any excess period or improperly closed.

All access will be monitored electronically with a door entry system connected to each student room or suite – again, with CCTV surveillance – and students will be required to go down to the front door in order to grant access to visitors.

 Tenant leases

Our vision is for a residential development that benefits students and the surrounding area alike. As such, each student will be asked to sign an assured short tenancy agreement, supported by a guarantor in the form of a parent or guardian, that spells out their responsibilities and the conduct expected of them.

On arrival, students will be given a condition and inventory form to sign and return, with full room inspections being carried out periodically.


The premises will be managed Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 18:00, by a dedicated Accommodation Manager supported by an Assistant Accommodation Manager, Administrative Assistant and Maintenance Operative, as well as contract cleaning staff.

Out with office hours, a call centre will deal with any emergencies relating to anti-social behaviour or security, immediately alerting on-campus Wardens. This 24/7 presence will ensure that local residents and businesses always have someone they can notify should a problem arise and that any such problems are quickly dealt with.

 Student arrivals and departures

Student arrivals and departures will take place over two weekends each academic year, with local residents being advised of these dates in advance. Each student will be given a date and time for their arrival, so as to avoid students and parents all converging on campus at any one time and minimise disruption to neighbours. Should students and parents choose to ignore these timings we reserve the right to refuse access until a slot can be rescheduled.

 Car parking

Reinforcing our ambition to create a forward-thinking development that adds to, and in no way detracts from, the local environment, Speirs Locks Student Campus is designed to be a car-free development, with only those students with special mobility requirements being permitted to park.

Students will be notified of this policy when applying for accommodation and again within the terms of their tenancy agreement. Any student who contravenes this clause will be in breach of their tenancy agreement and appropriate action will be taken.


The management team is keen to foster and maintain good relations with local residents, businesses and the community as a whole. To help us achieve it we will initiate annual meetings with the local tenant and resident associations and other community-led organisations, enabling shared interests to be discussed and addressed.

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