Student campus design unveiled by 3D video flythrough

The proposed Speirs Locks Student Campus can now be previewed in stunning 3D, thanks to a new video flythrough.

Produced by the architect and design team behind the project, Stallan-Brand, in partnership with Speirs Locks Developments, the ‘real feel’ flythrough unveils how the innovative student campus will look amidst its outstanding location just north of the city centre with direct access to the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Showcasing the development’s distinctive design features, the architectural visualisation provides a first glimpse of the marriage of old and new structures, iconic high towers and low terraces, inspiring student-centric accommodation and welcoming public spaces.

All of which is depicted within the wider context of the Speirs Wharf area itself to highlight the enhanced pedestrian connections to and from the city centre, and revitalised canal-side and towpath.

To view the 3D flythrough, click here.


Published: 2013.03.07 NEWS
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